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About us
Q: Who are you?
A: Silverthorpe and Daughters is a tiny independent apothecary and mercantile establishment. We specialise in crystals, jewellery, art and homewares for the modern witch.
Q: Where are you?
A: Nestled on the banks of the river Thames in the village of Petersham, near Richmond in London, United Kingdom.
Q: What is this thing you are offering here?
A: We offer a variety of witchy subscription boxes designed to suit any pocket. A subscription box is like a magazine subscription but instead of a magazine you get a parcel containing all manner of exciting things. We offer three kinds of box:
  • Light Box: sent monthly, 1 - 3 items
  • Sabbat Celebration Box: sent every 6 weeks, 6 - 8 items
  • Deluxe Sabbat Box: sent every 6 weeks, 9 - 12 items
You can learn more about our different kinds of boxes here.
Q: What is a sabbat?
A sabbat is a seasonal festival that forms part of an annual cycle known as the Wheel of the Year. The Wheel is made up of the year's four chief solar events (or quarter days), interspersed with four cross-quarter days celebrating the passing of the seasons.

Quarter days fall on the winter soltice, spring equinox, summer soltice and autumn equinox with the cross-quarter days falling roughly six weeks between these.

Our Sabbat Celebration and Deluxe Sabbat Boxes contain everything you need to celebrate the corresponding quarter and cross-quarter days and are sent out every six weeks in time to arrive with you for your own personal celebration of the natural cycle of our beautiful world.

You can find out more about the sabbats and the Wheel of the Year by clicking here.

- The Wheel of the Year 2020 -

Q: When are the sabbats?



Samhain 31st October
Yule 21st December
Imbolc 2nd February
Ostara 20th March
Beltane 1st May
Litha 20th June
Lughnasadh 1st August
Mabon 22nd September
The dates of the sabbats vary according to location and belief. Our boxes are sent out in time with our own personal Wheel of the Year. We live in the Northern Hemisphere and keep step with Gwydion's Moon Calendar. We follow the dates to the left ←

If you subscribe to our Sabbat Celebration or Deluxe Sabbat Box, all being well you will receive your corresponding box in time for these dates.

Please note that if you live in the Southern Hemisphere (below the equator) these dates are advanced by 6 months so our boxes wont match up with your seasons. However, our boxes are not perishable so if this is you please feel free to purchase or subscribe and keep the boxes until you need them.

We are still in our first year of creating our sabbat boxes but once we have completed the full Wheel of the Year we will be offering an option for our subscribers in the Southern Hemisphere that allows you to receive the correct box in time with your seasons.

Q: When can I sign up?
A: Take a look below to see the dates of our next boxes and when you need to sign up by in order to receive them:

Light Box

Sabbat Celebration Box

Deluxe Sabbat Box

Next box:
Sign up closes:

Next box:
Sign up closes:

Next box:
Sign up closes:

You can sign up at any time but if you sign-up after our cut-off date for our current box your subscription will start with the one after.
Q: When will I be charged?
A: You will be charged for your subscription on the day you sign up. If you sign up for a continuous subscription you will be charged the first payment on the day you sign up and then again every month on that same day thereafter (Light Box) or every six weeks therefter (Sabbat Celebration and Deluxe Sabbat Boxes).

If you buy a one-off box or a bundle of boxes you will be charged once on the day you sign up.
Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: All our subscription boxes are powered by PayPal. You don't need to set up a PayPal account if you are buying a one-off box or a bundle of boxes and can use most major credit and debit cards.

For continuous subscriptions you will need a PayPal account so that you can manage your subscription but they're quick and easy to set up and you will be walked through the process if you don't have one already.
Q: Have I signed up for a one-off box, bundle of boxes or a subscription?
Please check your original PayPal receipt for the answer to this one. If you are still in doubt please contact us and we'll let you know.

If you bought a one-off box it is just that. You will not be charged again and you will need to sign up again to receive more boxes from us.
Q: Can I re-subscribe?
A: Of course! We'd love to have you back. To subscribe again please click here.
Q: Are your boxes suitable for vegans?
Yes! We offer vegan-friendly options for all of our boxes. Just tick the box at checkout to let us know you're vegan. We don't send out food with our boxes but we do use beeswax and occassionally leather. By ticking the vegan box we'll make sure we keep those out of your box and send vegan alternatives.

We have made a huge effort to keep our packaging vegan-friendly too!
Q: Can I change my subscription part way through?
A: It is possible to change from seeds to crystals and visa versa if you choose our Light Box. Please contact us if you'd like to do this.

If you are subscribed to one of our boxes and you'd like to change the kind of box you receive you'll need to cancel your existing subscription and resubscribe to the one you'd like to receive instead.

Subscriptions that have been bought with a one-off payment cannot be changed or cancelled.
Q: Can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel a continuous subscription at any time by logging into PayPal and managing your automatic payments or you can contact us and we'll do it for you from our end. Subscriptions that have been bought as a one-off payment cannot be cancelled or part-refunded.
Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes! We will send our boxes to anywhere the postal service will deliver to. However, some items may not be available in your region due to customs laws. If in doubt, please check your local customs laws.

Please note that International Postage can take several weeks, especially if things get held up at customs. The parcels cannot be tracked so extreme patience will be needed. Please bear this in mind if you are ordering from overseas.
Q: How much does postage cost?


Light Box:

Sabbat Celebration Box:

Deluxe Sabbat Box:

Europe £4 per box £6 per box £8 per box
Rest of World £8 per box £10 per box £12 per box

Postage is automatically added to your order at checkout.
Q: What delivery company to you use to post your parcels?
A: All our boxes are sent using Royal Mail. Boxes within the UK are sent using second class post and can be expected to arrive within 2-10 days once sent.

International parcels are sent using a Regular Airmail service and can be expected within 10 - 28 days.

Our boxes do not have tracking numbers in any case and do not need to be signed for.
Q: When can I expect my box?
A: Our Light Boxes start dispatching on the 1st of every month. Dispatch lasts 2-3 days. Our next Light Box will start to go into the post on . Sign up by to receive it.

Our Sabbat Celebration Boxes and Deluxe Sabbat Boxes start to go into the post every six weeks, in time fo the upcoming sabbat. Our next boxes are boxes. Sign up by to receive one.

Once sent, UK subscribers can expect their box within 2-10 days; international customers within 10-28 days, depending on location. Please note: our boxes do NOT have tracking numbers in any case and whilst we do our utmost to ensure our sabbat related boxes are received in time for the corresponding sabbat, I'm afraid we cannot make any binding guarantees of this due to the foibles of the postal service.
Q: Will the box fit through my letterbox?
A: If you order a Light Box or a Sabbat Celebration Box then most likely, yes! And even better, there's no need to sign for it. Simply go about your daily business, and return home to find your exciting post waiting happily for you on your doormat. Or, wherever your postbox leads to. The box doesn't automatically go for doormats unless gravity leads it that way.

Our Deluxe Sabbat Boxes are too big to go through letterboxes because they contain lots of exciting things that are too large to fit into a small box. A well-trained Postperson may well leave yours on your doorstep for you though as there's no need to sign for them.
My question isn't answered here.
Please Contact Us here and we'll do our best to answer it just as soon as we can.

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